Monday, June 27, 2011

UGC NET June 2011 English Literature Paper II...

1) The Character 'Little Nell' – Old Curiosity Shop.
2) Imaginary locale in Indian writer - R. K. Narayan (Malgudi).
3) Who is not a formalist - Stanley Fish
4) Spenserian Sonnet – abab bcbc cdcd ee.
5) Tamburline – Greed.
6) Tennyson’s poem which is influenced by Arthurian stories - Idylls of the Kings.
7) Shakesperean sonnet - abab cdcd efef gg
8) “The future of poetry is immense, because in poetry, where it is worthy of its high destinies, our race, as time goes on, will find an ever surer and surer stay” - Mathew Arnold.
9) Form of Shakespearean tragedy - Exposition, Conflict, Climax, Denouement.
10) Curtail Sonnet - G. M. Hopkins.
11) Play not written by Oscar Wilde - Saints and Sinners.
12) The Waste Land – 433 lines.
13) Wide Sargasso Sea - The Caribbean.
14) City of Dreadful Night - James Thomson.
15) V. S. Naipaul’s work which reflects Conrad The Middle Passage – A Dip in River.
16) Belinda’s Lapdog - Shock.
17) You can’t do Both - Kingsley Amis.
18) The Character Nathan Zuckerman – in Phillip Roth's.
19) Tennyson's poem which has dramatic monologue - Tithonus.
20) “Still, sad music of humanity” - Tintern Abbey
21) T S Eliot used the term Objective Correlative in the essay - Hamlet.
22) Seamus Heaney got Nobel - 1995.
23) "An Address to Irish Poets/Nation" – P. B. Shelly.
24) Verse on Death of Dr. Swift - Jonathan Swift.
25) Widower’s House - G. B. Shaw.
26) Base and Superstructure - Raymond Williams.
27) Hetroglossia - Bakhtin.
28) Margaret Drabble’s work - The Witch of Exmoor.
29) Vision of Judgment by Lord Byron written against - Robert Southey.
30) Rights of Man - 1791.
31) An Horatian Ode upon Cromwell's Return from Ireland - 1650.
32) To Daffodils - Robert Herrick.
33) The novel which represents Indian Mutiny - Siege in Krishnapur.
34) England, My England - D. H. Lawrence/William Ernest Henley.
35) Shelley was expelled from the University of Oxford for - Necessity of Atheism.

These are memory based questions and answers soon after the examination...There may be faults...or questions may be not in arranged proper order...Please try to work on it...please do comment in this blog and improve it...
Royalty goes to Younus...


  1. dr Faustus- Knowledge, Tamburlaine- power, jew of Malta- Greed (Marlowe)

  2. i cant remember properly but the question was in different way nakul...

  3. "To Daffodils" was also written by William Wordsworth...


  4. "England, My England" - a poem by William Ernest Henley...


  5. sorry "To Daffodils" is by Robert Herrik

  6. No "England My England" is by D H Lawrence...

    1. England, my England is by W.E. Henley

  7. To Daffodils- Robert Herrik ....Confirmed!

  8. dear Abu, upload paper 3 questions as well, if possible.

  9. yeah i will try, but only after July 10 after everything related to my work gets over...please wait it will come...

  10. The theme of greed is in The Jew of Malta of Marlowe

  11. Horation ode was written in 1650

  12. Tennyson's poem which was influenced by Arthurian stories is "Idylls of the King' and not In Memorium

  13. well thanks for all the comments...
    i will try to check and update...

  14. The other questions were:
    Coleridge's Ancient Mariner was about: expiation and...
    Match the following:
    Patric White : Australia
    Nardine Gordimer: South Africa
    Margaret Atwood : Canada

    Mac Flecknoe was written to satirize :Thomas Shadwell
    Castle of Otranto : Gothic Romance
    Plato's theory of imitation : distortion of reality
    Molly Bloom the character from : Ulysses
    Who wrote against William Congreve : Colliere
    Who didn't write Bible : Thomas Browne
    Margaret Drabble : Witch Exmoor
    I am a dead man Hamlet tells to Horatio : Prolepsis
    Sequence of novels : Kim, Sons and Lovers, A passage to India, Brave New World
    18th century satire was mainly against: vices of the society
    Widower's houses : G B Shaw
    Sequence of Dicken's novels : Bleak House, Hard Times, A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectation
    Which one is not a dystopian novel : I don't rememeber the last choice, but I ticked on the last one 'The Coral Island'

  15. sorry for the gaffe in posting the last question. The choices I remember were ' The Lord of the Flies, The Brave New World, The Coral Island and can't get the fourth one. I felt that The coral Island was not a dystopian novel.

  16. Giovanni a character from : John Ford's "It's Pity She's a whore'

  17. dear,

    thanks lot.u did great job.
    upload paper 3 questions as well, if possible.


  18. Questions from Paper III

    1) Reinterpretation of Classics Or
    Digitization of literature

    Ans : For the first there are novels like Jane Eyre which have been reinterpreted in Wide Sargasso Sea, Hamlet reinterpreted in 'Rosencranz and Guilderstern are Dead' and Robinson Crusoe reinterpreted as Foe could be mentioned.
    For the second option starting with the history of oral literature in the form of ballads, the journey of poetry and drama and novels could be mentioned. The current trend of online literature and the changes in reading public could be part of it.

    2) Don't remember the first option. The second one was ' No Reading is innocent'

    For this you can start with Reader Response theory of Stanley Fish, wherein he comments on how readers give meaning to the text and can elaborate on earlier theories of Formalism and New Criticism. Examples can be quoted from Milton's sonnets, wherein some meaning are to be sorted out by the readers.

    Elective : For Indian English Literature, I don't think there is need to elaborate on the answers.
    1) Marginalization of Indian English Women Writers
    2) Writing of partition of India
    3) Essence of translation of Regional literature into English

    Elective from Literary Theory and Criticism:
    1) It was on Reader Response Criticism
    2) French Feminism
    3) New Historicism

    Short Questions:
    1) Note on University wits
    2) comment on time in Andrew Marvell's poems
    3) what is phallogocentrism
    4) 'Life is not to be lived to its fullest' by Leopold Bloom comment on the quote
    5) Significance of Waste Land
    6) write about bucolic lovers in 'Ode on a Grecian Urn
    7) Comment on Ted Hughes Animal imagery
    8) what is autotelic text?

    The last question I am not able to recollect. Hope the information helps.

  19. memory based paper 3 questions- (My frnz told me)

    The University wits, time in Marvel's poetry, Grecian Urn, autotelic texts, phallocentricism,Gulliver Travels (10 marks )

    (20 marks)No reading is innocent.
    Literature in digital age.

  20. Other questions for Paper III were:
    Indian Writing in English
    1) Marginalization of Indian English Women Poets
    2) partition literature
    3) essence of translation of regional novels into English

    Literary Theory and Criticism
    1) Reader Response Theory
    2) French Feminism
    3) New Historicism

    Short notes
    1) About Waste Land, its significance
    2) elaborate on the quote of Leopold Bloom 'Life is not to be lived to its fullest
    3) Ted Hughes Animal imagery

  21. thank you all friends...
    as soon as i will be free i will combined all based on me and my friends memory and publish it again....please wait....

  22. Significance of the City in The Wasteland,
    Explain 'Drink life to the lees' from Ulysses

  23. Could you also upload paper I?

  24. thanks once again
    i will try for paper one
    lets see how much i can remember
    but only after 10th july...

  25. first of all thanks a lot 4 uploading the questions & answers as well.10th july has already been passed. all are waiting 4 new uploaded answers from you.

  26. ohhh sooo sorry
    actually i am little busy with a work...
    soon a get time i will do that....

  27. a great task indeed by all standards abu......keep it up and keep enlightening. God bless you

  28. Dear Abu,

    Really its a tough task! and surely it will help many to clear the exam. Good Luck to you and your friends!
    MS, India

  29. hi, what about the first paper?
    Can anyone help?

  30. Wat abt net june 2011 results??

  31. June 2011 result should come only in the month of October end Or first week of November, when U.G.C. announces Dec. 2011 NET exam. Quite frustrating, but true.

  32. will u plz. solve other question papers also....plz plz.....

  33. hi, really appreciate your hard work and help. I was wondering if anyone following this blog has any idea on the following question that I had come across in the paper of Net June 2007: Write a note on Bakhtin and the question of History.
    Any input on this will help me a lot :)

  34. Hi! Are you guys preparing for NET Dec 2011? If so, maybe we cud discuss some imp questions. I m opting for theory as the elective for Paper III, anyone else on the same page as me? u may like to have a look at my blog englitnet.blogspot, n maybe let me know if i m moving in the right direction. I hav appeared the Net only once, so ur suggestions n advice will be very valuable.

  35. England my England is a poem written by William Ernest Henley. D.H Lawrence was a writer of short story collection compiled in a book named 'England my England'

  36. Plz suggst sm buks for ugc net english...
    Wt r d min qualifyng marks 4 paper 3?

  37. read some History of English Literature Books, there are few books like Upkars and other publishers too for English Competitive exams like NET and SLET

    it is 100...

  38. This blog is awsome ! Nice to know other people of eng lit. Let me bookmark it

  39. Can anyone cram Dec'11 English paper III pls

  40. Complete paper III ,if possible, should b uploaded now or never, its already november @ Mr Abu Saleh

  41. yeah lets see, i forgot everything and busy too...

  42. 'French feminism'- why this nationality tagged to feminism ? Will anybody pls describe what this french feminism is ?

  43. In contrast to Americans the work of French Feminists is more theoretical taking insights from major post-structuralists such as Lacan, Foucault and Derrida. French Feminists don't treat literary text as representation of reality. They basically deal with concerns other than literature; they write about language, its representation and psychology as such.

    Ecriture feminine literally means 'women's writing' is related to feminist literary theory originated in France and included theorists such as Helene Cixous, Luce Irigaray, Julia Kristeva and also other psychoanalytical theorist Bracha Ettinger. These French feminists came to the conclusion that language that we commonly think is completely male dominated, and therefore represents world from male point of view(e.g chairman, child, poet etc.) Masculine writing as per Cixous is phallogocentric and ultimately boring.

    Hope this could be useful information on French Feminism.

  44. it's a great job that u do....keep motivating. could u provide me some information on Politics of Culture.

  45. Thank u so much @Jayshree. Hope ur preparation going well

  46. You are welcome Pankaj. Yes I am preparing for NET which does notlook like easy one to conquer but not impossible too.

    'Politics of Culture' in the context of literary criticism relates to Marxist literary criticism. As per the base and superstructure model of Marx and Engels economic means, distribution and exchange forms the base and prevalent culture and ideas form the superstructure. Thus as per Marxist critics authors are not primarily autonomous inspired individuals whose creative imagination enables them to bring forth original and timeless work of art. The Marxist critics see them as constantly formed by their social contexts and even political overtones. Some well known Marxist critics are Louis Althusseur, Terry Eagleton, Grimasci, Walter Benjamin, Theodor Adorno etc. As per Louis Althusseur state power is maintained by the state by two ways; one is by way repressive structure which are institutions like the law courts, prisons, the police force and the army which operate in the last analysis by external force. However the power of the state is also maintained subtly by internal consent on its citizens using what Althusser calls 'ideological state apparatus'. The repressive structure is called the 'coercive state apparaturs'. Examples of ideological state apparatus are political parties, schools, the media, churches, the family and literature which foster an ideology a set of ideas which is sympathetic to the aims of the state and political parties. Thus right from childhood we have been conditioned to believe in the ideologies of the ruling class via schools media and other ideological state apparatus, and they get embedded in our psyche in such a way that we take them as a yardstick against which to decide if the action committed by us is good or bad.

    Thus Marxist criticism deals with the culture and ideas which are reflected in the literature of the time and the base structure i.e the class or political parties which control them.


  47. Thanks for the information Jaishree on the topic "Politics of Culture". Hop u r doing well. You have very good knowledge. Plz suggest me sth on the topic "Race, Gender and Ethnicity in Post-colonial Literature."

  48. Sorry, couldn't write before as was busy with SET exam. About topic of Race, GEnder and Ethnicity,it could be quite comprehensive to write on. You can begin with colonial writing of imperialist such as Joseph Conrad(Heart of Darkness, The Nigger of Narcissus), E M Forster(A Passage to India) etc. and their depiction of marginalized race, gender and ethnic communities in their novels. Post-colonial writers such as Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, Michel Ondatjee, Margaret Atwood, and Indian post colonial writers like Salman Rushdie, Arundhati Roy, the trio Mulk Raj Anand, Raja Rao, and R K Narayan and their changed perspective of race, gender and ethnicity could be elaborated. Literary theories of Marxism, Post- colonial writing and Feminism could be incorporated in the answer.


  49. hi abu u hav done agreat job..can u pls answer the 3rd paper soon...

  50. ha ha ha, then i would have cleared it, i will try to do it...

  51. what is the tric of pass marking in this paper

  52. NET results have come out. Is there anyone who has cleared it for English Literature. It's quite frustrating to know that the amount of effort put in for this exam wasn't enough to clear it in this attempt. Congrats to those who have cleared this highest level exam of U.G.C

  53. Shankar, work hard and good luck, this is the tricks...

  54. It is a highly commendable work you are doing here
    Abu Saleh. What were the options for 27 and 28.

    Heteroglossia is a term introduced by the
    Russian philosopher Bakhtin to refer to the presence of many - languages, dialects, registers that co-exist with equal importance in a novel and thus highlight the different voices.

  55. great job abu really ur blog can help freshers a lot

  56. Is there any person here who can cram/guess the 3rd paper ?

  57. please try to upload answers of paper 3 also..that will be useful

  58. thank u for ur great work done
    still need more
    it is useul for me to study for my exam

  59. canu guide as how to stuy or paper three
    really confused on paper three
    im going o apper for dec 2011 net

  60. dear friend,waste land is of 443 lines

  61. Waste land is of 434 lines.

  62. got my NET marks frustrating! 1st paper: 80, 2nd paper 66 and 3rd paper only 70!!!! Do u know anyone who has cleard net this time? Hw many have got thru in English?

  63. DEAR FRIEND ,how r u .can u explain me the difference between irony and litote.plzzzzzzzz

  64. bakhtin and the question of history... can anyone help here? Jayashree??

  65. Irony involves saying one thing when we mean just the opposite. Chaucer used lot of ironical epigrams in his Canterbury Tales. Famous irony used by Shakespeare is when Antony gives his ironical speech on Brutus after the murder of Caesar:
    'He was my friend, faithful and just to me. But Brutus says he was ambitious. And Brutus is a honorable man'

    Litotes is a deliberate use of understatement to highlight the quality of something:
    The winning essay wasn't bad

    As for Bakhtin and the question of history if you Google there is really good information on all the works of Bakhtin. Basically what Bakhtin wrote about related to history was about 'carnivalesque (i.e mixing of high and mass culture and people during the carnival), Dialogism i.e in short anything one says is always in response to something already said before and in anticipation of something which will be said afterwords. So we never speak in a vacuum. There is also a write up on 'Dostovsky's poetics' where he elaborates on unfinalizability of self. That is a person cannot be understood completely. Though we can claim to understand them, to know them, the possibility is that a person can change and thus can never be understood in a true sense of a word.

  66. very nice blog i jst came acorss...i read ur profile,,actually m plannin to apply for mphil course in hyderabad univ..can u tell me hws the faculty?and what are the key fields/areas of research offered by the eng dept( not those on their website but the ones they are better known for)?and also if you can give me an idea about its entrance test..

  67. Wish All The Best to everyone (belated)

  68. will u upload dec.2011 second eng. paper

  69. kindly upload Dec 2011 paper also........

  70. paper II dec24,2011
    Right now i just remember these..
    1) the Spectator- Joseph Addison
    2) pope works- essay on criticism, rape of the lock, the dunciad, essay on man
    3) eliots works- adam bede, silas marner, middlemarch, daniel deronda
    4) othello killed desdemona but she did not commit infedility
    5)dickens' novels are called newgate novels and the reason given was also correct.
    6) Great tradition by F.R. Leavis does not include- James Joyce
    7) the university wits' authors- Robert greene, thomas nashe,john lyly dont remember the fourth option which was the correct answer cz the above three are in the university wits group.
    8) novel which set a new trend in the contemporary fiction- Tristram Shandy by Lawrence Sterne
    9) there was an RTC by John Donne from the sum rising
    10) Egotitical sublime- Keats
    11) key characteristic of Wife of Bath- experience
    12) waiting for godot- is in 2acts
    13) epic length work of christopher marlowe- Doctor Faustus
    14) Curtail sonnet- 11 lines
    15) Margaret Atwood's work-
    16) Radical feminist- monique wittig
    17) Dinah Morris is a character in - Adam Bede
    18) Oft gay and honour'd robes those tortures try, We think caged birds sing,
    when indeed they cry from The White Devil- RTC by Flamineo

  71. 19. John clare
    20.farewel f arms 3 buks
    21.prctcl crtcsm..richards
    24.heroic couplet
    25.bleeding innocence-oxymoron
    26.isaac singer -american jew
    27.henry green -not jew
    28.only connect-forster
    29.knocking at the gate... De quincey
    30.shakespeare's sister's plight -virginia woolf
    31.caleb williams-things as they are
    32.dreaming house
    33.sir fopling-man of mode
    34.not a jacobean dramatist
    35.noble laureate
    36.match the following
    37.eve of st agnes
    38.biswas-not apocalyptic
    39. Lycidas
    40. Ikemefuna- things fall apart
    41. Swift as misanthrope bt reasn ws false

  72. @gunjan..
    Al f d 4 wr unv wits..john lyly,kyd, nashe,peele.. D q ws wrng!
    Its tamburlaine nt faustus

    41. Unfortunate traveller . Nashe
    43.nation and narration -homi k bhaba
    44. Ponopticism-foucault
    45.enlightenment-reason of 4 or 5 persons, u can make work out of it(dnt remmbr xctly) - i chose jane austen(nt sure)

  73. 48.humour and comedy-p g woodhouse was the month of april and clocks wr striking 13 - 1984
    50.exiles by joyce - play

  74. there was a question on match the following... vicar of wakefield by goldsmith, beggars opera by gray, vanity of human wishes by johnson..what was the fourth choice...i dont heard ppl sayin that the question ws wrong???

  75. and kyd does not belong to the university wits group...


  77. sorry i can't reply because all are nameless here...

  78. thanks all, i have assembled and posted in a separate one, please discuss there...

  79. What about the papers of December 2011 ?

  80. please, suggest english literature books useful for ugc net exam.

  81. kindlly provide me the names of english literature books or sample papers,so that i could clear NET.plzzzzz.

  82. there are like Upkars and others...

  83. No doubt its a good achievement to reach the job which may be susceptible to others....but my suggestion is to remind the Rabindra's saying..'preview b4 uploading anything.....'

  84. "Heteroglossia" refers to the juxtaposition of multiple voices in a text.

  85. Can you plz tell me what is the name of Cupid's bow???

    1. so far as I know, Cupids bow did not have a name

  86. England, My England is by W.E Henley

  87. With the UGC NET third paper pattern now changed to objective type questions, I was wondering if we would still have choices in Indian lit, American Lit, Theory etc, or should we prepare for all? Mine was Ind lit, so dont know how i wud prepare all if no choice is given. Any idea?

  88. i think it will be mixed now...

  89. .... your blog is so soothing when i was searching the second paper of June 2011, then i found this site............its amazing.........good job.......keep on..

  90. Thanks a too can contribute here so that it can be useful for others...


  92. when will u post the june 2012 answers we a waiting plz do fast

  93. Sorry i haven't remembered anything this time and will not doing. Sorry

  94. Narayanaswamy.K
    English Paper 2 Answers
    1a 2b 3b 4c 5d 6d 7a 8c 9d 10b 11d 12a 13b 14b 15d 16b 17d 18c 19a 20c 21a 22a 23b 24a 25b 26a 27d 28d 29b 30c 31c 32c 33c 34a 35a 36b 37d 38c 39c 40c 41a 42b 43c 44a 45c 46c 47b 48b 49d 50b
    English Paper 3 Answers
    1b 2c 3b 4a 5a 6b 7b 8d 9a 10c 11b 12d 13c 14d 15c 16d 17b 18d 19a 20a 21b 22b 23b 24a 25a 26b 27c 28a 29c 30c 31d 32d 33d 34d 35d 36c 37b 38c 39c 40a 41b 42d 43d 44a 45b 46b 47b 48a 49d 50b 51b 52d 53a 54c 55a 56a 57b 58b 59c 60c 61c 62b 63a 64c 65b 66c 67a 68c 69b 70b 71b 72b 73a 74c 75b

    These are MY responses,can anybody with some authority on English Literature,tell me how much I would get?Send your comments on

  95. great, let me post it in a separate post then you will get good comments...

  96. UGC NET JUne 2012 result declared.

  97. Hi Friends. Feeling really happy cause I could clear UGC NET this time. Congrats to all those who cracked it along with me and Best of Luck to everyone who is going to appear for Dec. attempt.


  98. i don't know about ugc-net key releasing held on 30-06-2013. whether it was released or not, i know nothing.when will be it released?

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